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Salvage and rescue vessel

  PROJECT 21301


      This salvage vessel is designed for final detection and inspection of a distressed submarine lying on the seabed or keeping afloat; for life sustaining and rescuing personnel of a submarine in distress on the sea bottom; for rendering assistance and rescuing personnel of a surface vessel or a submarine in distress but keeping afloat; for support of underwater technical works and diving operations using divers, manned and unmanned underwater vehicles.


Displacement, t 5800 (standard)
Dimensions, m about 117 x 18.2
Speed, kt 17
Endurance, days 45 (for complement)
10 (for rescuees)
Range, nm 5000
Complement, persons 97


4 х 2,100 kW main diesel-generators
2 х 1680 kW auxiliary diesel-generators
1 x 1080 kW harbour diesel-generator
The Joint Electric Power System (JEPS) consists of
2 x propelling electric motors driving 3500 kW 360∞ rudder-propellers
2 x 850 kW thrusters
2 x main switchboards
1 x JEPS distribution and control system.


Deep submergence rescue vehicle, operating at depths down to 300 m 1
Work and rescue launch (12 persons capacity) 1
Duty boat 1
Deepwater diving suite for saturation diving operations at depths down to 300 m 1
Habitable decompression chambers 4
Diving bell for 3 persons 1
Hyperbaric lifeboat 1
12.5 tf capable electric hydraulic cranes 2
Work ROV operating at depths down to 1000 m 1
Equipment for occasional stationing of one helicopter 1


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