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  15 November, 2013 in Saint-Petersburg at Academician Pavlov Street, 16 B, there was held a solemn ceremony of opening a memorial plate devoted to E.I. Yukhnin, first Head / Chief Designer of the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau. It was under his leadership and with his active participation that a constellation of bright designs including fast attack craft, small missile ships, aircushion vessels and an automatically controlled hydrofoil ship was created. The ceremony was attended by E.I. Yukhnins relatives and close friends, his colleagues and his apprentices who personally knew him and had the honour to work with him side by side.


  25 July 2013 at Severnaya Verf shipyard based in Saint-Petersburg, there was held a ceremony of keel-laying of the first series-built corvette Provorniy. The corvette will be constructed for the Russian Naval Fleet according to Project 20385 which is a further development of the Steregushchiy-class corvettes.   Borisov Y.I., Deputy Minister of Defence, Zakharov I.G., Vice-President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, Golubev K.G., Chief Engineer of the Almaz CMDB and other highly-ranked officials attended the event. Mr. Borisov declared that according to the state programme of weapon acquisition up to 2020 the Russian Naval Fleet would have 16 such corvettes. They would be built at the Severnaya Verf and the Amurskiy Shipyards.
  Provorniy is designed for fighting against enemy surface combatants, submarines and aircraft as well as for artillery fire support of amphibious troops.


  From 03 through 07 July 2013, at the Lenexpo Exhibition Compound, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, there was held the VI International Maritime Defense Show IMDS-2013. Our Bureau was presents as part of the joint exposition of the OCK - United Shipbuilding Corporation. The Almaz CMDB exhibited its models of projects 20382, 12322, 12061E, 12300, 20970, 12418, 10410, 12200, 12150, 12260 and 20910. Those models attracted interest both with foreign and Russian guests. Besides the IMDS guests had a chance to see and/or visit vessels designed by the Bureau such as corvette "Boykiy", Project 12200 patrol boat and Project 12150 fast patrol boat. The Bureau's exposition was highly credited by the IMDS organizers.


  14 May 2013, at the Moscovsky Shipbuilding and Repair Yard, the first-of-class Project 21770 Catran shipborne utility craft was launched. In a month, after dock and sea trials, the craft will be delivered to the Yantar Shipyard based in Kaliningrad. The craft will enter service with the Russian Navy and will be used for various missions, including support of everyday operation of a mother ship during anchorage, at roads, and in ports


  16 May 2013, at the Severnaya Verf Shipyard facilities, signature of the commissioning certificate for the corvette Boykiy will take place, after which she will enter service with the Russian Naval Fleet and the flag will be raised in course of a solemn ceremony. This is a second series-built ship under Project 20380. This multirole stealth corvette is designed for operating against surface, underwater and air enemy assets, for escorting naval task forces, for engaging shore installations with artillery fire and for guarding the sea state border and EEZ.


  From 26 to 30 March 2013, the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau took part in the LIMA 2013 Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace exhibition which was held at Langkawi Island, Malaysia. The Almaz CMDB participated in the Exhibition as part of the OCK joint exposition. The Almaz CMDBs exhibits included models of projects: 12061E, 12200, 12300 and 20970. The above-mentioned projects aroused interested not only with representatives of the South-East Asian countries.


Following successful sea trials, there was signed the acceptance report according to which the trial vessel Project 11982 Seligher was commissioned to the Main Office of Deepwater Research of the Russian Defence Ministry. Soon, on board the ship there was held a ceremony of raising the Russian Naval ensign.


20 December 2012 at the Zvyozdochka Shipbuilding Centre in Severodvinsk, there was held a keel-laying of a new Project 20183 sea-going transport vessel Academic Alexandrov.


15 December 2012 at the President Hotel in Moscow, prize-winners of the Golden Idea National Contest were awarded. The Golden Idea Annual National Contest was established by the Russian Federal Service of Military-Technical Cooperation with foreign countries in order to inspire development and creation of up-to-date competitive indigenous materiel and enhance efficiency of military-technical cooperation between Russia and foreign nations. By decision of the Steering Committee of the Golden Idea Annual National Contest dated 7 December 2012, Andrey Shilnikov, the Almaz CMDB designer-engineer, became one of the prize-winners of 2012 as a Young Talents nominee.


130 November 2012, at the Zelenodolskiy Shipyard named after A.M. Gorkiy, the keel of a new transport floating dock Sviyaga was laid. Vice Admiral Alexey Burilichev as a Representative of the Customer the Russian Navy, Tatarstan Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce Ildar Mingaleyev, the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau General Director Alexander Shliakhtenko, Project Chief Designer Alexander Levoshkin, the Zelenodolskiy Shipyard CEO Serghey Ilyin, Head of Representation Office 490 of the Russian Ministry of Defence Nikolay Ivanov and other very important persons took part in the ceremony devoted to the dock keel-laying. After installation of the ceremonial keel-laying plate on the hull of the dock, awards were distributed to the Yard personnel who contributed most to construction and commissioning of ships to the Russian Navy. the Zelenodolskiy Shipyard named after A.M. Gorkiy, JSC


From 22 to 26 October 2012, at Le Bourget, near Paris, France, there was held the International exhibition of naval equipment and materiel EuroNaval-2012. The Almaz CMDB as part of the joint exposition of the United Shipbuilding Corporation presented its models of a Project 20382 Tiger corvette, a Project 12300 Scorpion missile-artillery boat, as well as Projects 20970 and 12200 patrol boats.


14 November 2012, at the Severnaya Verf Shipyard Museum, there will be held a presentation of the book Corvettes: Conceptual design. The book is written by Alexander Shliakhtenko, General Designer General Director of the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau and Igor Zakharov, Deputy General Designer in Advanced Designing. The book is issued in limited edition of 300 copies. This book will evoke interest not only with naval architects, but also with general readers, as it contains rich factual and illustrative materials.


    From 23 to 26 October 2012, All-the-Russian Exhibition Centre was the venue for the XVI International State Security Provision Means Exhibition Interpolitex-2012. Opening greetings were pronounced by Vladimir Kolokoltsev, Home Affairs Minister, Vladimir Puchkov, Head of Emergency Control Ministry, and Nikolay Nikiforov, Communications and Mass-Media Minister. The Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau as part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation exposition presented its patrol boats models of projects 10410, 14310, 12200, 12150 and 12260. Also, the Almaz CMDB took part in the conference Practical and theoretical questions in the field of intellectual property, created/used in implementation of the State Defence Order.


    30 October 2012, at the Admiralteyskie Verfi shipyard there was held a ceremony devoted to the Project 21300 salvage vessel Igor Belousov launch. A number of high officials took part in this event, including Victor Chirkov, Head of the Russian Navy, Andrey Diachkov, President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, Alexander Shliakhtenko, Director General of the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau and Alexander Buzakov, Director General of the Admiralteyskie Verfi shipyard. The vessel is ordered by the Ministry of Defence and designed for rescuing personnel of distressed submarines. (Russian Shipping Internet Portal)


    2 August 2012 at Moskovsky shipbuilding and repair yard, there was held a ce remony of keel-laying of the first Project 21770 Catran shipborne utility craft. This craft will be delivered to the Yantar Shipyard. The craft was ordered by the Russian Navy and designed by the Almaz CMDB for providing everyday operation of a mother ship during anchorage , at roads, in ports. Craft size allows its transportation by sea, by road, by railway and by air. The craft is also capable of operation in all navigable inland waterways. Moskovsky shipbuilding and repair yard JSC


    From 29 through 31 May 2012, the IV World Maritime Technology Conference 2012 took place in Saint-Petersburg. The Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau took active part both in the conference where reports were made during plenary and stream sessions and in the exhibition where models of Project 22980 Sproot underwater technical works support vessel, Project 12322 Zubr air-cushion landing ship, Project 12061E Murena-E air-cushion landing craft, Project 12200 patrol boat, Project 12150 patrol boat and Project 12300 Scorpion missile-artillery boat were displayed.


    The third series-built Project 20380 corvette Stoykiy was launched on May 30, 2012. The corvette Stoykiy (hull number 1004) was moved out of a building slip into a launching floating dock of the Severnaya Verf shipyard. High rank Russian Government officials, representatives of the Ministry of Industry a nd Trade and of Saint-Petersburg administration, the United Shipbuilding Corporation authorities, nd Russian Naval Command officers took part in the launch ceremony.


    The international exhibition of Army and Naval weapons DEFEXPO INDIA-2012 was held in New-Delhi, India, from 29 March to 1 April 2012. The Almaz CMDB participated in this exhibition as part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation joint exposition. The Almaz CMDB display featured models of a Project 20382 Tiger corvette, a Project 12300 Scorpion missile-artillery boat, a Project 12200 Sobol patrol boat, a Project 12061E Murena landing air-cushion craft, a Project 12418 missile boat and a Project 266ME ocean mine countermeasures vessel. The exhibition guests showed certain interest in projects represented by the Bureau.


    High level partnership
The Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau, JSC and the AVEVA, Ltd. have signed a contract for exclusive use of AVEVAs solutions. The AVEVA Company have announced signature of a large contract with the Almaz CMDB which provides the latter with exclusive possibilities of using up-to-date package vessel design technologies in 2012. These agreements allow not only employing the Bureaus resources at a maximum extent, but they can result in the Companys higher level of efficiency. The Almaz CMDB is one of the leading design and engineering companies in the Russian shipbuilding industry. It was one of the first to start using modern equipment for vessel design, because their designers realized that future developments would seriously depend on the right choice of automation equipment. For the current year the Company has a number of large-scale tasks to fulfill, including several considerable projects with special attention to be paid to terms and quality. In the process of design the Bureau uses the AVEVA integrated technologies system which helps the specialists to effectively work as a team. The Company also plans to adapt a new version of the AVEVA Marine. Technologies do not stand still. Their evolution provides new capabilities. The contract between the AVEVA and the Almaz CMDB was signed in solemn ceremony environment by the chief executives: E.A. Fedotov, Aveva Ltd Executive Director, and A.V. Shlyakhtenko, Almaz CMDB Director General. Our organization, like no other, realizes the necessity of using modern approaches, comments Alexander Shlyakhtenko. Of course, its relevant to keep in mind that our industry largely depends on the economical situation in the country, on the whole, and the market mobility. Nevertheless, despite some difficulties of the past period, having our experience as example we saw for ourselves that up-to-date design techniques allow carrying out a project of high quality with low time consumption and a reliable customer feedback. Such advantages mean winning competitions and solid activity in the end. The Almaz design bureau was one of the first to start using modern methods of vessel design in Russia, noted Eugeny Fedotov. By now the Company remains in the forefront in their fields. We are convinced that AVEVA technologies, Almaz personnel expertise and AVEVA support will allow the bureau to attain its goals and expand its competitive advantages.


    In the nearest future, the Zvyozdochka Shipbuilding Centre, JSC will start building a new naval vessel for the Russian Navy. The RIA Novosti reports that the keel laying of a new armament support ship will be held on the 20th of December, 2011, at the main building slipway of the shipyard. The vessel design is developed by the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau, JSC. The state contract for build and delivery of a new armament support ship for the Russian Ministry of Defence was awarded on the 15th of September, 2011. A reinforced ice class ship is designed for shipping, handling and transportation of materiel. A new vessel is to enter service at the end of 2014. The vessels name is Akademik Kovalev (Kovalev, the academician). The main particulars of a naval transport are as follows: Length 107.6 m Beam 17.8 m Full displacement 6300 t Complement 60 persons. K-29 helicopters will be able to land on the vessel. A similar vessel was commissioned to the Russian Navy in 2010. The ship was named Zvyozdochka after the shipyard which has built her, and she entered service at Belomorskaya Naval Base.


    20 October 2011, at the Almaz Shipbuilding Company, signature of a commissioning act for two Project 10412 patrol boats built for the Vietnamese Navy was held. These are the third and fourth units of the class. The boats are to be transferred to the Maritime Port of Saint-Petersburg where they will get aboard a marine transport to be shipped to Viet Nam. Two more boats of the class see the final stages of build at Vostochnaya Shipyard in Vladivostok. A Project 10412 patrol boat is a derivative from a Project 10410 Svetlyak border patrol ship. All in all, 36 units have been built by these two projects. Internet media


    The first series-built Project 20380 corvette Soobrazitelny is commissioned to the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy on 14 October 2011, told Colonel Andrey Bobrun, the spokesman of the Zapadny military district to ITAR -TASS. At 13:00 today, the St.Andrews flag was run up on the corvette Soobrazitelny, said Colonel Bobrun. The commissioning act was signed by the Baltic Fleet commander Vice-Admiral Victor Chirkov as a representative of the Russian Naval Fleet. The signature was preceded by sea trials which the new corvette had passed successfully, reminded Colonel Bobrun. From this day on, the ship is part of the Baltic Fleet and will start fulfilling her primal missions, noted Colonel Andrey Bobrun. ITAR-TASS, Moscow


    On 22 September 2011, at Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard, the keel was laid for a new generation ship for the Russian Navy. The ship id designed for detection and destruction of sea mines at a safe distance away from her. A 800 t ships hull is unique, because it is the largest one-piece GRP hull built with the use of vacuum infusion technique. The advantage of such a hull is its higher strength in comparison with steel hulls which provides higher survivability during mine search. Life cycle of this hull is longer than that of low magnetic steel hull while its weight is considerably less. Much attention was paid to habitability: the ship features comfortable environment both for missions and recreation. On the basis of this hull it is possible to build patrol vessels and auxiliary ships of varios applications both for the military and civil customers. The ship is to be launched in 2012. (INFOLine)


    The Severnaya Verf shipyard, Saint-Petersburg-based shipbuilding company, has submitted the Soobrazitelny corvette for state trials, informs the shipyards spokesman Friday. This was preceded by successful termination of shipyard sea trials during which all systems and weapons of the ship were tested, says the press-release. The Soobrazitelny corvette took part in the Naval Parade, devoted to the Russian Navy Day, held at Baltyisk this weekend. The corvette is to be commissioned in August 2011. RIA Novosti, Moscow


    By 2014, the reviving Russian research and scientific naval fleet will be enhanced by one more modern multi role vessel for testing new oceanographic equipment, and for exploring the World Ocean, and for conducting rescue operations at sea. This is what journalists have been told today in Kaliningrad by Vice-Admiral Alexey Burilichev, Head of Deepwater Research Department of the Russian Defence Ministry. At the Yantar shipyard, he took part in launching the first of Seliger-class vessel, designed for testing new equipment, including manned autonomous and non-autonomous deep-submergence vehicles, acoustic equipment, and for exploring waters and the bottom of the World Ocean. If everything goes well, on which we count, by 2014, there will be the second vessel of the class built for operating in the Baltic Sea, said Burilichev. The Defence Ministry official noted that the Project 11982 lead ship, Seliger, will be used for testing oceanographic equipment which is required both for ensuring national defence and security and for national economy applications. Among other things, the vessel will be equipped with advanced technical devices allowing to inspect pipelines, cables, to search objects on the seabed. The Seliger which starts trials in the Baltic Sea in October, by the end of this year is planned to be commissioned to the Defence Ministry. The homeport of the vessel will be Temryuk on the Taman Peninsula on the Black Sea. The Admiral underlined that Seliger as the name of this vessel has another meaning. In addition to the name of the cognominal lake which is the Central Russia pearl, it also reminds us of our first deep-submergence vehicles for exploring the World Ocean which were also called Seligers. This equipment is connected to the story of 14 Soviet Union heroes, noted Burilichev. Alexander Shlyakhtenko, Director General of the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau, is convinced that for sailors it will be easy and comfortable to serve on board the Seliger, for which the vessel designers have done all the necessary. And with the use of modern equipment, mostly of Russian origin, installed on the vessel, the ship will be highly efficient in operation at sea which is less explored than the outer space, yet, noted Shlyakhtenko. Build of the Seliger vessel at Yantar Shipyard started in July 2009. The length of the vessel is 59.7 m, beam 10.8 m, displacement about 1,117 t. The vessel is capable of reaching 13 knot speed, range 1,000 nm, complement 16 persons plus 9 researchers. ITAR-TASS, Moscow


    By results of the International Maritime Defence Show 2011, the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau has been awarded with a medal and diplomas.


    The Project 20380 corvette Soobrazitelny started sea trials, says the spokesman of the Severnaya Verf Shipyard. Initially, propulsion systems, diesel-generators will be tested and signatures will be assessed. After that, the ships weapons will be proved. The corvette Soobrazitelny, the first series-built Project 20380 ship, differs from the first of class. In Soobrazitelny build, the Customers new requirements concerning weapons, systems, communications and automation were met. Modifications affected the hull and superstructure, says the press-release of the shipbuilding company. Portnews


    By the end of 2011, the Yantar shipbuilders will hand over to the military customers a unique research vessel Seliguer. She is designed for testing of weapons and new materiel, oceanographic research, Igor Orlov, Yantar shipyard director general, told ITAR-TASS. On 28 July 2011, the Russian Navys Day, test vessel Seliguer will be launched, and late 2011, she is planned to be commissioned, says Orlov. The lead Project 11982 research vessel Seliguer was keel-laid in June 2009 at the Yantar shipbuilding facilities. The vessel which even looks just fine is designed for various applications, such as special equipment and weapons testing, search-and-rescue operations, scientific research and oceanographic surveys, says director general. He underlined that the Seliguer build answers the master schedule. The vessel is designed by the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau. Her length is 59.7m, beam 10.8m, displacement 1,117t. The vessel can attain 13 knots speed, her range is 1,000 nm. ITAR-TASS


    By the end of 2011, a contract for delivery of two Tarantul-class missile boats from Russia to Turkmenistan will come into force. Turkmenistan purchases two Tarantul-class missile boats and is going to build two more units. A Tarantul-class missile boat is designed by the Almaz Central Design Bureau, based in Saint-Petersburg. Displacement 550 t, length 57 m, beam 13, maximum speed 38 kt. The boat is armed with a Uran-E antiship missile system and automatic AK-176M and AK-630M guns. Interfax


    On 6 May 2011, the Almaz Marine Shipyard launched a Project 12200 patrol boat for the Russian Coast Guard. The boat is designed for intercepting high speed targets, securing closed seas, offshore areas, exclusive economical zone, guarding natural resources, coastal communication lines, vessels and installations. The hull and superstructure are made of high quality marine aluminum alloy. All installed equipment and materials meet the worlds best standards. The boats length is 27.96 m, beam 5.82 m, full displacement 58.5 t. Maximum speed can reach 48 knots. The boats endurance is 3 days, the complement is 9 persons. According to the contract, the Almaz Marine Shipyard should build three Project 12200 units during 2011. The launched boat is planned to visit the upcoming International Maritime Defense Show in Saint-Petersburg this summer. Korabel.Ru


    The Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau, JSC is the prize winner of the Competition For Contribution in Development of Intellectual Property. We have been nominated as the Best Company to Organize Intellectual Property Activities in the Defence Industry.